HLscience is a CCM certified company


What is CCM?

CCM : Consumer Centered Management

The consumer centered system evaluates and certifies that all the activities carried out by a given company are done so from the consumer’s perspective. It is developed with consumers as the focus, and its related management activities are being continuously improved.


Source: Korea Consumer Agency website ( )


The objectives of the CCM certification system are to spread consumer centered management culture in businesses and organizations, to strengthen competitiveness by promoting the rights and interests of consumers, and to increase the number of future generations of consumers.

Expected Effects

Consumers can expect to receive information that can serve as the criteria with which they choose products and services. They will be able to access swift and rational solutions according to the CCM management system if a problem arises with the certification agency and the consumer.

Companies can expect that the CEO’s and other employees’ knowledge of consumer rights and interests will be enhanced. By constantly improving products standards and services from the consumer’s perspective, we can strengthen their domestic and foreign competitiveness.

The public can expect the social costs that arise from future dispute solutions and administrative measures to be reduced. We will contribute to spreading a win-win culture between companies and consumers by building a consumer centered virtuous cycle market.

Certification / Operation Agencies

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Consumer Centered Management

Since 2011, HLscience Co., Ltd. has continuously been awarded CCM certifications from the Fair Trade Commission and the Korea Consumer Agency. We have received and analyzed customer complaints and VOCs using a variety of methods. By cooperating with the relevant departments, we have enacted many improvements in products and processes to raise our competitiveness.

We have integrated consumer centered management in all processes from product development and raw material selection to product manufacture, etc. We are also implementing consumer centered management that focuses more on the consumer rather than on company profits. If a product has been developed, but not yet released, then we only release those products after sufficiently evaluating their effectiveness and safety through rigorous trials on test subjects.

HLscience’s Consumer Centered Management Policies

HLscience is a “company that manufactures and distributes honest products that the whole family can trust and eat”. We have adopted consumer centered management as part of our corporate management policy.

HLscience is strengthening its domestic and foreign competitiveness by constantly making improvements to products and services from the consumers’ perspective.

HLscience’s employees are actively strengthening the company image of being one that consumers can trust. We help our customers to swiftly and rationally resolve any problems that arise.


CCM PR Video

The Korea Consumer Agency has produced a PR video to more widely publicize our CCM certification system. Certification agencies and related organizations may utilize the CCM PR video in their education materials for employees and consumers.

※ Source: Korea Consumer Agency (

Procedure for processing customer complaints

1. Receiving customer complaints

– Telephone consultation
– Receive through website
– Receive by mail

2. Checking contents

– Visit
– Telephone call

3. Analyzing cause

– Related department
– Partner company

4. Devising remedies

5. Final consultation with customer

– Result report
– Consumer dispute settlement
– Compensation according to standard

6. Improving in-house sharing

※ Returns and refunds: Purchased products will be handled according to the refund policies of the store where the product was purchased.

Consumer Dispute Settlement Standard

Category Type of damage Compensation standard
Food 1) Insufficient content/volume
2) Spoiled/go bad
3) Passed the expiration date
4) Contamination by any foreign substance
Exchanges or purchase price refund
5) Side effects
6) Injuries caused by damaged container, etc
Medical expenses, costs, and lost income compensation
Remarks Lost income compensation: This is limited to cases in which lost income due to damages can be substantiated. If the monetary amount cannot be confirmed, then the market wage unit costs shall be applied as the standard.

※ The compensation standards of a complaint will be in accordance with the consumer dispute settlement standards (as announced by the Fair Trade Commission). As a rule, exchanges shall be provided in the form of an identical product in an identical amount.

How to lodge a customer complaint

Category Content
By phone Customer Satisfaction Center (collect call) : 080-313-0001 / FAX : 031-421-9904
(Available Hours: Weekdays 09:00 ~ 18:00, lunchtime 12:00 ~ 13:00, not available on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)
By mail Address : 89, Anyangpangyo-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Postal code : 437-120
Online Website :