Factory Introduction
This is the factory of HLscience Co., Ltd.

Factory view

Healthlove Factory11 01
Healthlove Factory11 01
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Healthlove Factory11 01

We manufacture our products in accordance with the standards and specifications for health functional food manufacturing facilities.

Mainly manufacturing liquid products, HLscience’s factory is located at the foot of a mountain with pure, clean air in Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do. Having acquired approval to produce health functional foods from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, the factory manufactures products in accordance with the standards and specifications for health functional food manufacturing facilities.

How to find us


HLscience Co., Ltd. factory

36 (114-2) Dongsanjae-gil, Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
Postal code: 445-894

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Customer Satisfaction Center

T. 080-313-0001
※ Weekdays 09:00 ~ 18:00

Contact Number

TEL : 031-421-9903
FAX : 031-421-9904

How to find us

Hyupsung University
After going straight for approximately 2km from the main entrance of Hyupsung University, turn right as soon as you pass the Sun Kyung Hologram building

Suwon Theological Seminary
Approximately 80m from Suwon Theological Seminary, turn left and travel 260m on Dongsanjae-gil


By bus
Suwon Theological Seminary station

  • 16-2, 50, shuttle bus 7-1

From Seoul
Noksapyeong-daero (3.8km) → Jungang-ro (3.6km) → Gwacheon Bongdam Urban Expressway (13.0km)


Production process

The most important element in a factory with liquid facilities is the securing of safe water.

In order to secure safe water, we perform water examinations every six months to decide on its suitability and we have constructed a safety process that spans several stages in order to produce useful and potable water. The safety process includes three stages of filtering and two stages of water softening as well as a strengthened magnetized water production system in order to not take any chances when it comes to water safety. In particular, when using purified water from a tank that extracts magnetized water (hexagonal water), the useful components of ingredients can be more efficiently absorbed in our intestines, while the hexagonal water itself can contribute to building a healthier cellular environment.

Air Shower installation

The air shower is a device that, using a sensor for detection, removes germs and dust from the surface of an object by blasting air onto it at a velocity of 20m/sec. for around ten seconds.

The air that is blasted onto the object goes through a primary PRE-FILTER stage that removes large pieces of dust, after which air is passed through a secondary HEPA FILTER that washes the object with clean air. The object is transferred to different areas after the air shower. Our site is made up of a total of 17 rooms including the production room, low temperature storage room, freezer, automatic cleansing room, extraction and concentration room, automatic packing room within an uncontaminated area, subsidiary materials storage room, boiler room, factory business room, product development room, design room, and office.

Hand Sterilizer
Hand sterilizer
Air Shower
Air shower
Air Shower In Use
Air shower in use

Production room

Our production room is a clean room that satisfies the 100,000 CLASS standard.

As a place where there is movement of workers and products, the floor is made up a highly durable and eco-friendly epoxy coating. A EURO DUCT is installed above for the purposes of air conditioning and heating, providing optimal conditions in which production can occur. Compared with the previous METAL DUCT SYSTEM, the EURO DUCT SYSTEM fundamentally solves the problems of drafts and uneven temperature distribution that inevitably occurred in spaces where air distributors were not installed. Fine dust and various microorganisms get filtered out of the air supply when passing through the VENT. This results in a pleasant indoor environment, and makes it possible for us to produce even more hygienic products.


Production room

Low temperature storage room

Our low temperature storage room is where we store the best of our carefully selected raw materials. The temperature and humidity is constantly monitored to maintain freshness.

The room is maintained at a temperature between 0~5℃, and the 75mm thick walls have been constructed with sandwich panels. The installation of an air-cooled unit cooler is more hygienic as it prevents water emergencies with cooling fans that can occur in water-cooling systems.


Low temperature storage room

Extraction room

To provide a pleasant work environment, a wide range of environmental facilities have been installed to quickly expel fine dust and heat into the atmosphere, while the installation of waterproof metal lamps doubly ensure the facility’s safety.
The thoroughly cleansed raw materials are transferred into the extractor via a conveyor belt. Only purified water that has passed through a micro filtration device and an activated charcoal filtration device is used. Only the active components of the raw materials are extracted using internal circulation for more than 8 hours at a low temperature.
Indirect heat rather than direct heat is used from the heat source during extraction to minimize the destruction of active components contained in the raw materials.
The outside of the tank is a triple jacket structure that minimizes thermal loss, while the lower part is a French type that allows the propelled water to be quickly treated. This also makes the inside of the tank easy to cleanse for easier hygiene management. The internal temperature of the extractor is 80~90℃, while the pressure is maintained at 1.8±0.2kg/㎠.


Extraction room

Hygienic transfer facility

  • Hopper mixer: A mixing tank lead-in pump that prevents the influx of impurities
  • Mono pump: The pump used for liquids that are high in Brix

The facilities are easy to assemble and disassemble. The main body is made of SuS, which minimizes exposure to germs.


transfer facility


Low temperature vacuum condenser

Low temperature vacuum condenser

A low temperature vacuum condenser lowers the boiling point of liquids. Although water normally boils at 100℃, using a vacuum lowers that temperature to around 60~70℃.

Evaporating the extract at 60~70℃ rather than at 60~70℃ minimizes damage to the active components, color, odor, and flavor that can easily occur at higher temperatures. The condensing system is also constructed with a packaging device. The device that condenses the evaporated gas into a liquid uses a water coolant that is reused by passing it through a cooling tower, thus further conserving resources.

Automatic packing room

This is a sterile area that meets the 10,000 CLASS standard and is restricted to a minimum of authorized personnel who must pass through an air shower once more before entering. This almost perfectly prevents contamination to the room. A thermo-hygrostat inside the room maintains a constant temperature (25 3℃) and humidity (60%). A PRE FILTER and static FILTER are installed on the inlet of the machine. After removing the fine dust that can appear inside the room, the process of ventilating through the EURO DUCT is repeated more than 20 times per hour to maintain the best environment for automatic packing and to maintain the highest quality.

Using a vacuum packing method prevents the contents from being spoiled due to exposure to air. A PASS BOX has been installed between the production room and the automatic packing room to prevent the air of each room from mixing together. This CLEAN UNIT maintains cleanliness inside the clean room while allowing products to be freely taken in and out from the outside. A RELIEF DAMPER maintains the static pressure of the interior and regulates the air flow direction to control the differential pressure with the rooms that are in close proximity to this room. This also prevents contaminated air outside from contaminating the clean room. The extracted raw material passes through 3 stages of filtration before being transferred to the automatic packing machine.


Automatic vacuum packer


Standing pouch wrapper


Liquid packer

Quality inspection room

This is where the manufactured products undergo a final quality inspection to confirm that they meet the standard criteria as well as to inspect for microorganisms.

1. Balance – by Sartorius 7. Separatory funnel shaker
2. DryOven – by Jisico 8. Soxhlet
3. Muffle Fumace – by Jisco 9. Clean Bench
4. AquaMax Basic 311 – by Younglin 10. Auto Clave
5. 520A pH meter – by Orion 11. Incubater
6. 1093 Cyclotec Sample Mill – by Foss 12. Other

Quality inspection room

1st stage packing and inspection room

This room maintains the 100,000 CLASS standard and allows packing and inspections to be made more effectively to provide better quality assurance as well as higher production efficiency.

An electronic scale is used to accurately measure weights, and after temperatures are measured using a non-contact radiation thermometer, the exterior inspection is performed. Only products that pass the inspection are transferred out.

Final packing and storage room

Products that complete the first stage of packing and inspection are transferred to the final packing and storage room where they are packed in an OUT BOX.

Products that have been finally packed are transferred to a loading station via a conveyor belt.


Subsidiary materials storage room

This is where the products’ packing materials are stored and where they are maintained in their optimum conditions.
An anti-bacterial air conditioner that is also equipped with a dehumidifying function is kept on at all times to protect the boxes from humidity, mold, and other contaminants.


Subsidiary materials storage room