Farm Introduction
This is the pomegranate farm of HLscience Co., Ltd.


Farm Introduction

Pomegranates have been loved my many women since ancient times.

The scientific reasoning for this has only been adequately explained in modern times.

The red pockets that made our mouths water as children when we saw them in the garden
Our young minds, regarding the ruby red pulp with wonder

As the mysterious ingredients and functions of the pomegranate that piqued the curiosity of young girls become better known, we are getting a vague sense of understanding as to why the wise King Solomon wished to cultivate this plant. In his day, Qin Shi Huang cultivated pomegranates for Yang Kuei Fei, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China, as well as the many other court ladies near the imperial palace in farms that measured tens of millions of square feet. The reasons why pomegranates have been loved by so many women since ancient times are only now being scientifically understood, resulting in a renewed love for the fruit. HLscience is currently building pomegranate farms in Goheung, Wando, Haenam, and other locations and is planning to provide many women with the chance to experience and enjoy these beautiful farms.


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