Greetings from the CEO
We are working diligently to create healthy happiness.


HLscience will be there to convey healthy values through the bio health care industry to benefit mankind.

We at HLscience took our first steps in 2000 following our dream of “Beauty and health for mankind” under the banner of health creating happiness.

People will always strive to attain greater beauty and health.

All of us here at HLscience understand the wisdom of our forefathers when it comes to humans and nature. We are working hard to provide people all over the world with healthy happiness through constant research and development. We have now developed a scientific, safe, and differentiated professionalism by discovering, isolating, refining, and developing the active components found in natural substances.

We aim to accomplish our development under the premise of “Harmony between nature and humans”. As a bio venture business, we are constantly seeking to discover new materials and carrying out new technology research such as plant hormone materials research, anti-aging, skin aging mechanisms and materials research, anti-helicobacter restriction research, immune-boosting restriction research, etc.

As a result, we own patents both in Korea and abroad, and we currently produce and export around 60 types of health functional foods.

HLscience wishes to provide the health and values of nature to our customers. We will continue to research biomaterials and develop products so that the beliefs that we hold are realized and all our efforts can reach everyone’s hearts.

We shall strive to take the lead in the bio industry for the benefit of mankind and be recognized as the best by our customers. Thank you very much.

HLscience CEO Lee Hae-Yeon   ceo