HLscience Introduction
A company that realizes healthy lives through honesty


blockquote Health is the power that creates happiness. blockquote

Since founding the company in 2000, HLscience has insisted on high quality raw materials and honest production processes to contribute to the health and happiness of mankind. We have been able to continue to grow, thanks to the recognition of our efforts by all of you, our customers.

Company name HLscience Co., Ltd.
Founding date September 2000
CEO Lee Hae-Yeon
Main business Bio-healthcare industry
Main product Dr. Super Khan, Dr. Red Queen, etc.
Local workplace 89, Anyangpangyo-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea


Since consumer interest of aging in society entered the health world, the industry has grown in each country. Bio health care understanding has increased with the times and policy development is lively. In 2000, ㈜ HL Sciences was founded and began its mission to create a healthy life for the world through natural material centered research and development.

Focusing on the endocrinology field, the physical institution (skin , blood vessels, liver cells , periodontal cells), anti-aging materials, and recovery through the study of regenerative medicine securing hormones by improving the cells and tissues of the damaged cartilage. From global biopharmaceutical research and development to commercialization and to restoration of original functions, HL stives to contribute and improve human health.


As a pioneer in realizing everybody’s desire for a healthy life, we at HLscience continue to devote all of our energies to improving and creating new products to better your health.

  • Climacterium Female hormone replacements
  • moisturizer , elasticity & Anti – wrinkle materials
  • degenerative joint health – cartilage field
  • periodontal diseases field
  • Liver health field
  • blood circulation improvement field
  • Stomach health field
  • Immunity material field
  • Anti aging material field
  • inclination to health food


With our unchanging desire for health, our love for our customers, and our aim to add health to happy lives, the motto of HLscience is “Love”.

Research and development We are doing our utmost to improve national health through continuous R&D technology investments and developing new materials for health functional foods.
Product manufacture Under the principle of creating products that our own families can eat without worry, we implement thorough quality management in the entire process from raw materials to the finished product.
Customer satisfaction We are improving our products and services to reflect our “Customers’ Voices” and, through the implementation of CCM (customer communications management), we are living up to our high standards for customer satisfaction management.
Social responsibility To fulfill our corporate social responsibilities (CSR), we regularly donate and engage in volunteer work in orphanages and nursing homes, as well as help other marginalized classes in society.

HLscience Introduction

HLscience employs outstanding Master’s and Doctoral level research staff members who carry out research in natural raw materials. Based on an infrastructure that encompasses universities, research laboratories, and hospitals, and through in vitro, in vivo, animal clinical trials, and human testing, we are researching and developing bio-healthcare products that can benefit mankind.

HLscience is securing competitiveness in the global market based on systematic and scientific bio-technical skills to create healthy and happy values for mankind. In the future, we aim to introduce a new paradigm in the development of new bio materials and natural new products based on our innovative technical skills and know-how.

Research Group The clinical research expert group’s various basic research and comprehensive data cultivation
Develop Group The enhanced expert research development group’s natural new product research and development
Marketing Group The secured marketing infrastructure and in-house expert group
Delivery Network Possesses technical, clinical, and development skills encompassing an integrated R&D infrastructure that includes specialized research institutes, general hospitals, universities, etc.

The leading company of the highest order in the bio-industry, HLscience

Core values

Science that creates health
Research that integrates love

blockquote HLscience blockquote

  • Technology
  • Technical development
    of a new dimension
  • Research
  • Research that
    benefits mankind
  • Health
  • Science that
    creates health
  • Love
  • Research
    motivated by love
  • Challenge
  • Challenge to become
    a global bio company



Based on natural new materials basic research data and clinical research technical skills, we are constantly growing and expanding the bio industry market by expanding the product development field, such as hormones systems, digestive systems, circulation systems, skin systems, etc.


With our integrated R&D infrastructure that encompasses our Master’s and Doctoral level research staff, universities, research institutes, hospitals, etc., we are stably maintaining our status as a bio company that possesses innovative and marketable R&D technical skills.


We are securing market competitiveness with increased synergy through the fusion of eastern and western medicine and natural new product development technical know-how, and we are leading the direction of future growth as a new bio industry model in the global market.

Taking off as a company leading the global bio industry in the 21st century

HLscience’s vision is to take off as a global leader in the bio industry by developing world-class natural new products.

Management philosophy

HL Sciences is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of everyone’s life a healthy respect for the spirit of noble life. Based on a strong commitment to R & D investment for this purpose Out, creating new value by developing new technologies through specialized postgraduate class integrated infrastructure, such as researchers, universities, research institutes and hospitals.

H. El Sciences is a specialized high technology based on a systematic and scientific study to explore the safety and effective substances through (cell experiments, animal testing, human testing applied) Scientifically developed a new material Healthcare Bio-proven efficacy, and safety products for the KFDA standards in GMP facilities through standardization and standardization of raw materials It seeks to provide accurate quality of service to mankind.

Also go out to have a rewarding and pride to our internal customers as the leader of the 21st century, the global biotechnology industry and stakeholders who realize the maximization of shareholder value

Respect for life management Value creation towards a healthy life for a noble
Innovation management A continuous technological development the world’s leading technology-oriented
Quality management Safe and accurate service quality
Consumer-oriented management Continuous improvement of all our business activities from a consumer point of view
Value Management Maximizing shareholder value


As Health specialized company with a business philosophy “World best technology for Health”, HLscience is a company of promise, trust and research that practise ‘Human Life’, ‘High Living’, ‘HighTech Lab’, which contains in the center of HLscience.

HLscience CI Download AI HLscience CI Download JPG



Word Mark as a Brand Identity emphasize a dynamic, promising enterprise image with a symbolic motif as Soaring that is the effort of HLscience for the future health and looking down from a distance at a high place with a motif of Fair wind for the company image of HLscince, who is a flexable and stable trust of the company and has a rhythmical sense, endless technical innovation and develops.

Identity color


Identity color more firmly expresss a trust and belief with the customers through the stable, promising and scientific blue color. It expresses the absolute relationship with the custoemrs harmoniously and has a meaning of the endless research and efforts for the technological innovation in order for the health and happy life of the human.

ci01 Sky Blue color

The symbol of a
healthy commitment
to Human Life
C:58 M:0 Y:5 K:0 / R:81 G:200 B:233

ci02 Marine Blue color

It means a
special responsibility
for the High Living
C:89 M:50 Y:9 K:1 / R:0 G:115 B:174

ci03 Dark Blue color

It means the
endless research
for the HighTech Lab
C:100 M:83 Y:34 K:21 / R:22 G:58 B:103