Main Business
We shall lead the way in product research
and development to provide trustworthy products, health, and happiness.

The goal of HLscience is everyone’s success.

Headquarters and retail stores share each other’s success by practicing a clean business culture. We are realizing continued growth so that all our members can enjoy fruitful and abundant lives.

The retail store division
Sharing health

Sharing healthy happiness, the retail store division’s top priority is to share health until all of mankind is healthier and happier.

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Division strategy

As the offline division of HLscience, approximately 200 retail stores located nationwide provide products developed by our company directly to our customers. With differentiated market cultivation through constant R&D investment and competitive product development in a wide range of fields—including female health, liver health, climacterium, immune systems, blood circulation, stomach health, etc.—HLscience is securing our best customers and achieving sustained growth.

We are growing and developing happily while doing worthwhile work that improves our own lives as well as those of the people around us. We do so through continuous and periodic mind education and promotion of expert knowledge in the field of health in order to strengthen the customer management capabilities of our retail store owners.

The home shopping division is

creating a new trend centered on distribution, which is enjoying rapid and repeated growth.

The center of online distribution,
The home shopping division


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Division strategy

We are providing our products by connecting with major home shopping networks such as NS, GS, and CJ that play a pivotal role in the online distribution industry.

Starting with our pomegranate product in 2003, we are continuing to present new products that are beneficial to the national health, such as Omega 3, Dr. Super Kan, Dr. Spirulina, Dr. Circuone, Super We Force, and others.

By utilizing the ten minutes of interactive communication that is in the nature of home shopping media, we listen to the voices of our customers and reflect them in the planning and improvement of our products to repay our valued customers with higher quality goods.

The leader in the internet and mobile businesses

HLscience is operating an in-house mall, “Healthy Family” ( to position ourselves as the leader of the bio healthcare industry in the online and mobile business field, which clearly stand out as the largest distribution market of the 21st century.

New growth power
Online division

We are taking the lead in the new growth of online and mobile businesses.

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Division strategy

With our in-house mall “Healthy Family” as the head of our online division, we also provide our customers with high quality products through 20 or so online and mobile markets that include social markets and online markets like Lotte, Hyundai, CJ, and many others.
We provide appropriate alternatives by analyzing the purchasing needs and demands of our customers, as well as understanding life values through our customer relations management.

As for foreign markets, we have made connections with Alibaba and Taobao to break into the Chinese market. Plans are in motion to enter the U.S. market through Amazon, ebay, and others.
The online division shall grow to become a mall specializing in health functional foods that will transcend the boundaries of national borders and time to be loved by people all over the world.

Go to healthy family

We are pursuing ever greater happiness through sustained customer management.

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We are working hard to develop high quality food raw materials and finished products for the health of all our customers.

We promise to provide all of you with only the highest quality and freshest products by researching and collecting information related to better health foods in new markets.

New growth power
Global division

We are putting all of our passion and efforts in our ceaseless product research for the health and happiness of people all over the world.

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Business goals

Our HLscience international division tailored to ongoing R & D and functional raw material through scientific verification secured the original technology of its million and finished at the request of international customers to the market expanding rapidly in bio- healthcare global market that continues to grow every year and. The craze for Korean K-Pop, K-Beauty, beyond the K-Food led to K-Health wants to do their best at the beginning until the day that is loved around the world.

At present Registration of Issue

  • Registration of US FDA OTC[Over The Counter Drug] Dr.Super Khan, Dr.Circu one, Dr.Super Rutein, Red Cleo
  • Registration of Drug medicine : Vietnam Cambodia FDA
  • Registration of health certificate from china : Dr.Red Queen
  • Be expected Registration of health certificate : Beauty secret Red Pomegranate, Pomegranate Jin
  • Be expected Registration of health certificate : Beauty secret Red Pomegranate, Red Cleo, Dr.Super Khan

Exporting company and Product

  • USA : Dr.Super Khan, Red Cleo, Dr.Circu one, Dr.Super Rutein
  • China : Dr.Red Queen, Beauty secret Red Pomegranate
  • Vietnam, Cambodia : Dr.Super Khan

Global business center Jisahwa Service

China Shanghai(GSBC), Japan tokyo, USA Silicon Valley, Hungary(KBC)

  • Raw material selection
  • We use carefully selected raw materials through the development of local and foreign raw materials, selection of local materials and foreign manufacturers, raw material management, production processes, and production management
  • Excellent raw materials
    Selected as world class products
  • Research and development
  • Individually approved health function food registration, research paper publication, and patent registration based on joint research with local research teams on the safety and functionality of materials
  • Results of the scientifically improving products through research and development
    → No. 1 in customer awareness survey
  • Product manufacture
  • Development of the best products through researched and developed materials along with optimally mixed proportions according to experts. Strict quality control and production in accordance with ISO and GMP standards
  • Trustworthy product
    → Selected as a global brand by KOTRA
  • Customer oriented management
  • HLscience engages in all activities with the consumer perspective in mind, all the while reflecting and improving related management activities
  • Customer oriented management
    For our customers

We will be your honest and trustworthy partner with whom you can achieve better health!

Global consultation application

We are pursuing ever greater happiness through sustained customer management.

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