Social Contribution
We are HLscience Co., Ltd., a company that puts love into practice.

HLscience social contribution team

Sharing Happiness

To return some of the profits back to society and to share the values of a happy life with our marginalized neighbors, we at HLscience have established “Sharing Happiness”, a group that is exclusively responsible for social contribution activities and engaging in volunteer work. Sharing Happiness’ activities include supporting undernourished children and child breadwinners, exercise for senior citizens, and many others.

Sharing Happiness
With our marginalized neighbors

  • A Happy Life
  • We are working hard to provide happiness and a sense of warmth by caring for our neighbors
  • A Sharing Life
  • We are working hard to share happiness with our marginalized neighbors by serving our customers
  • A Joyful Life
  • HLscience is pursuing the sharing of joy with our customers