Terms and conditions
These are HLscience’s terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

Legal notice

Welcome to HLscience’s website. We shall inform you about a few legal notifications with regard to using HLscience’s website. Please get familiarized with this information to avoid any misunderstandings as to how the website should be used.


The HLscience website is a valuable asset exclusively owned by HLscience after providing for all its costs, and all related copyrights also belong to HLscience. All services, materials, and information provided by HLscience is non-commercial and is only to be used for personal purposes. All services, materials, and information (henceforth referred to as “information”) provided by the website, including text, pictures, sounds, images, download files, links, source codes, etc. may not be downloaded, modified, distributed, or used in any other way for commercial or public purposes.

Legal disclaimer

HLscience does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of services and information found in HLscience’s website and other related websites. Users are advised that there may be errors in the materials provided or expressions used in HLscience’s website. Therefore, users are urged not to rely entirely on the information provided in the website, unless otherwise vouched for in writing by the company. Users are urged to refrain from directly using the website services in transactions including sales, trades, purchases, etc. that involve personal or corporate profits. Furthermore, under no circumstances will HLscience be held responsible for any direct, indirect, ancillary, special, or further damages caused by any information or material in HLscience’s website.

Prohibition on expropriating the HLscience brand

For companies that expropriate the HLscience brand, sanctions may be imposed upon them in accordance with ① Article 23 of the Commercial Law (prohibition of the use of a company name that will misidentify the principle agent), ② Article 65 of the Trademarks Law (right to request prohibition regarding the violation of rights), and ③ Article 4 of the Prevention of Unfair Competition Act (right to request prohibition of acts of unfair competition). An outside company that uses HLscience’s symbols in any way may be subject to sanctions, and online/offline expropriations of the HLscience brand are strictly regulated.

Responsibilities regarding links

All websites linked to in HLscience’s website are provided for the convenience and information acquisition of our customers. HLscience, however, bears absolutely no legal responsibilities regarding the websites linked in HLscience’s website, and HLscience shall make no guarantees as to the reliability of said websites.

Change in matters of notification

After being notified of these contents, all users using the services provided in HLscience’s website shall be deemed as having agreed to the contents of this notification. The reasons for any changes to detailed items and conditions for use stipulated in this notification shall be notified with suitable time to spare, or—in accordance with the commercial practices of the internet industry—HLscience reserves the right to make such changes at its own discretion with no prior notifications using suitable methods. Therefore, users must personally and frequently inspect the detailed items and conditions in the notification and must be aware of any newly changed items or conditions. This legal notification shall be enforced as of July 27, 2015.