Personal information handling policy
This is HLscience’s personal information handling policy.

Personal information handling policy

“HLscience Co., Ltd.” (henceforth referred to as “the company”)
regards our customers’ personal information as important and complies with laws related to “usage of information and communications network and information protection”.
Through our personal information handling policy, the company notifies how and for what reason the personal information provided by our customers is being used, and what measures are being taken to protect their personal information.
If the company makes any amendments to its personal information handling policy, then we shall notify about such amendments through announcements in our website or through individual notifications.

ο This policy has been implemented since July 3 2015.
Personal information items being collected
The company is collecting the following personal information for consultations, service applications, etc.

ο Collected items: Name, telephone number, cell phone number, e-mail, sex
ο Personal information collection method: website (1:1 inquiry, consultation/location application)
Purposes of collecting and using personal information
The company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

ο Inquiry reception, consultation/location applications regarding services provided

Retention and period of use of personal information
The company destroys the relevant personal information without exception or delay once the purposes of its collection and usage have been accomplished.

Procedure and method of destroying personal information
The company destroys the relevant personal information without delay once the purposes of its collection and usage have been accomplished.
The procedure and method of destruction is as follows.

ο Destruction procedure
Information that a member entered for the purposes of inquiry and consultation/location application are delivered by e-mail and are destroyed within 1 year from the DB.
ο Destruction method
Personal information, which is saved as an electronic file, is deleted using a technical method that makes it impossible to be recovered.

Rights of users and legal representatives and how to exercise those rights
HLscience handles the personal information that is requested to be removed or deleted by a user or a legal representative in accordance with the stipulations of the “retention and period of use of personal information” collected by HLscience. The company ensures that personal information is are handled in such a way to prevent it from being accessed or used in any unauthorized way.

Items related to the installation, operation, and refusal of the automatic personal information gathering device. The company frequently saves your information and does not operate such things as “cookies” for them to be found.

Civil complaint services regarding personal information
In order to protect our customers’ personal information and to handle complaints regarding personal information, the company has designated the following department and person in charge of personal information management.

Department in Charge of Customer Service: Customer Satisfaction Center
Telephone Number : 031-421-9903 (ext. 501)
Name of Person in Charge of Personal Information Management : Youngshin Jeon Team Manager
Telephone Number: 031-421-9903 (ext. 501)

You may file all complaints related to personal information protection while using the company’s services to the person in charge of personal information management or to the department in charge. Users shall receive swift and sufficient replies for the items they have reported.

1. Personal Grievance Mediation Committee (
2. ePrivacy Mark certification committee (
3. Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Internet Crimes Investigation Center (
4. National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center (