Research Laboratory Introduction
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Scientific Research

HLscience’s R&D (Research & Development) center is working diligently to help contribute to the beauty and health of human through systematic and scientific research.

R&D Center

HLscience research institute is conducting research and development around the natural drug , health food Performance Materials , Nutraceuticals areas, the natural material.

Female menopause , blood circulation , degenerative bone / joint , skin, teeth , liver, metabolic diseases and anti- aging field center with excellent researchers and university hospitals and national and international researchers and research networks through , In vivo-In vitro experiments with mechanisms and conducting studies and efficacy evaluation, conducted a clinical trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of treatment in humans KFDA licensing progress , and proceed to the domestic and international patents and research papers published on an ongoing basis.

Thus , ㈜ HLscience and can contribute to human health, evolving into a global company that realizes the principles of bio- healthcare professional company through scientific research and development