Quality Control Policy
HLscience complies with strict quality inspection standards.

Quality policy

HLscience’s ultimate goal is customer satisfaction
Our corporate philosophy is to deliver safe products to our customers

To create value that moves our customers’ hearts
We promise to provide safe and accurate quality services.


Thorough product

HLscience’s products are designed and manufactured according to systematic management procedures and are only offered to our customers after thorough and exacting inspections of quality standards

Safe foods

With the belief that HLscience’s manufactures products that are safe for the whole family to eat, we provide our customers with satisfaction based on safety

Best value

HLscience’s products convey our value to all our customers with the best safety, the best quality, and the best service

Quality assurance activities

Quality assurance uses strict inspection standards
to thoroughly inspect related regulations and specifications

We remove potential defective products by also using quality evaluation tools.


Quality assurance performs inspections and tests to evaluate the planned quality.

We are strictly managing our in-house quality control activities to raise our quality, and we are maintaining the safety, functionality, and satisfaction of our products through highly reliable in-house and third party tests.

Quality assurance continuously engages in improvement activities to achieve ever higher levels of quality based on various evaluation results through various inspections. We handle a wide range of data by using a tracing system to prepare for accidents as well as various types of programs to enhance our credibility.

Quality assurance’s top priority is to manage the quality control of raw materials supply to remove potential quality hazards at their source. We only select companies whose own quality systems measure up to our own to secure safety in quality, starting right from the initial stages.

Our suppliers’ quality standards are evaluated according to HLscience’s quality system to ensure that they are managed thoroughly.

Quality improvement measures per field


1. Product design review

All products are designed according to highly reliable standards and are put through a wide range of inspections and tests under various environments and stress conditions. This is the first step in quality control to provide customers with safe products.

2. Product specifications review

Products are planned and designed according to effective and verified standards. A range of standards are examined to find the most effective and appropriate quality standard and inspection method for the product to realize accurate quality designs.

3. Advance quality planning

Risks are minimized by configuring quality elements and management limits. Potential risks in all stages are removed in advance through systematic planning. This results in safe products to be supplied to customers.

4. Quality control system

All the production and delivery processes of the subsidiary materials supplier are managed with a thorough management system. The quality control system immediately reports and takes action for processes that deviate from the quality standards. This enables us to take preventive measures and remedy problems in processes in advance.

5. Safety inspection

Before a product is manufactured, the safety inspection evaluates the raw materials and also performs a test on a sample. Safety and functionality inspections performed by specialists in the area help provide customers with an added level of trust in the product.

6. Product reliability analysis

A product can be seen as reliable if it clearly performs the functions that are demanded of it. The management system calculates the shelf life of a product from the customer’s perspective and determines an appropriate durability for it.

7. Supplier evaluation

Subsidiary materials suppliers are approved as “partner companies” after undergoing a strict selection process. Partner companies are evaluated from multiple angles including their financial, marketing, and quality assurance aspects, which in particular demand very high standard. It’s only possible for a company to be our partner over a long time if the completeness, management system, hygiene, and facilities management conditions of their quality control system measure up to our company’s quality control system.

Partner company quality management

All companies selected as partner companies are maintaining their quality systems and constantly improving their production processes to meet the standards of our quality control system.

We provide on-site guidance if necessary according to our company visitation program. In addition, we also control quality and take corrective measures to quickly respond if a problem arises in the quality of a product.

1. Subsidiary materials inspection verdict

All subsidiary materials are inspected according to our quality standards and deemed fit or unfit. All partner companies that deliver to us must inspect their subsidiary materials according to the management system and report those results to us.

2. Production process management

The production processes of partner companies are subdivided to the smallest unit. A quality inspector who has completed the prescribed training is recognized and assigned for the partner companies’ independent process and management and quality control.

3. Quality control

The quality control process is building an improved quality control system that combines our ISO system regulations with our partner companies’ GMP system and HACCP process.

4. Facilities and equipment management

Our company possesses facilities and management programs that place top priority on hygiene and safety. Accordingly, our partner companies also possess facilities that satisfy the safety, hygiene, and environmental standards prescribed by our company.

5. Hygiene management

The cleanliness standard of partner companies’ manufacturing equipment is set depending on their risk rating. The manager regularly inspects the hygiene conditions and prepares against quality accidents in advance by thoroughly managing temperature, humidity, air ventilation, etc.

Quality service

Our quality control operates a range of programs that can improve the quality of our products through various quality information.


Quality information received from CS, customer service center, and DM are statistically analyzed every month to create quality indices for each product, based on which quality improvement activities are planned.

Quality information is divided into dissatisfaction information, product defect, design dissatisfaction, and others. These are examined from various aspects to analyze the demands of our customers.

We are also tracing and monitoring the quality satisfaction of improved products. This monitoring motivates us to continue our improvement activities by evaluating whether the improved products have satisfied the demands of customers.

Furthermore, we are raising our quality standards by evaluating the desires of our customers, and we provide specialized and reliable information that can quickly respond to our customers’ demands.